Dec 30, 2009

A tourist's haven?

As I sat with my book in the train today, a few foreigners came and sat next to me. I thought i nheard one of them say "...such a waste this journey is"...
This led me to wonder(not for the first time), that even though tourism is a huge thing in this state (and all over our country), we have really not made it worthy of being enjoyed. So what do these tourists come looking for? Poverty and garbage strewn places? Trains smelling filthy because of the unclean toilets inside them? People crammed in these trains? Roads with traffics so messed up?... Maybe yes.. I've seen calendars and books portraying our country like that..

But there's so much more!! Kerala is a place of such unbeatable scenic beauty not at all used cleverly as far as tourism goes... why isn't this beauty being put to good use? A long stretch of a river bank without dumped plastic bottles or bits of garbage is hard to find isn't it? Why not have a proper handout for tourists be prepared with basic information and be made available at the railway stations, So they know where exactly to go and how to get there. Why not have places being visited by tourists the most be cleaned up and probably charged accordingly(after all, all this cleaning up will definitely cost a LOT of money). Why not keep the trains clean...? (not just for the tourists)..

But then, what's the use of me writing it here .. just a random thought in my head.. 

Evangeline :)

Dec 26, 2009


ചവട്ടുകുട്ടയില്ലെക്ക് വീഴ്തുമ്പോള്‍..
ചിന്തിക്കാന്‍  പറ്റാത്തത് എന്തുകൊണ്ടാണ്? 
 ഈ ചുരുണ്ട കടലാസിന്റെ ധര്മാമെന്താ?
-വൃതികെടാക്കല്‍ മാത്രം..
ധര്മാപരിപാലനതിനായ് അതൊന്നു 
 നിവര്‍ത്തി നോക്കിയാലോ?
പഴയ രൂപം അതിനു നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു..
പൂര്‍വസ്ഥിതി ഓര്‍ത്തു അത് ദുഖിക്കും..
ഈ .... സൌഹൃദം ....

Dec 25, 2009

The walk..

So, you tread on pebbles when you walk on a road...

I've tread on pebbles too,,,
big ones and small..
I stumble, I fall...

And get myself back on my feet again..
Walk and think I'll be careful this time..
So when I walk, I watch out
At everything in sight, I doubt..

But now that i watch and doubt and look..
I cannot enjoy the road i took...
I'd rather enjoy, I decide
I cast my doubts, my fears aside

And I stumble on a rock again...
But this one time, I don't complain..
For I decided to stumble and fall..
A bruise it made, really small...

After all what's life without mistakes..
How unexciting without risks you take...
Don't call me careless, do not judge
I have no complaints, I have no grudge..

For my days of crying are long gone..
I don't care, of what's right or what's wrong..
It 'll happen again, I don't fight anymore
The pain's all gone, it hurts no more..



Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas :)
2:37 am.. i just returned from Church after the midnight service..

Admist tons of "Merry Christmas" SMSes flowing in just when it struck twelve, a sleepy me waited for the mass to get over...

It isn't half as good as it were back in Noida... There it used to start a few weeks before christmas... all the carol singing and crib decoration and house visits and cake cuttings. I remember staying back late at the church to practice carols to be sung on Christmas eve during the mass.. I remember Sandra ma'am going over and over again to make each one of us in the choir to get the notes right. And the tea they used to get us .. was like life-saver from the chilling cold and endless practice.

Its just so calm here.. doesn't feel like Christmas used to feel.

But then after a whole year of scattered living.. This is one time my whole(small :P) family is together.. My dad and my sister are back home.. :) It feels good to have them around...

:D Merry Christmas yet again!


Dec 23, 2009

Large Hadron Collider

Hadron collider is the worlds largest and highest energy particle accelerator, intended to collide opposing particle beams of either protons at an energy of 7TeV/particle or lead nuclei at an energy of 574TeV/nucleus for understanding the deepest laws of physics.
 LHC was built by European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) with the intention of testing various predictions of high energy physics.
  On sept 2008, the proton beams were successfully circulated in main ring of  LHC  for the first time.After various experiments,on 20 Nov 2009 the protons were successfully circulated again. on 23 Nov , first proton-proton collision were recorded.On 18 Dec 2009,LHC was shutdown  after its initial will now be down untill 2010.
 LHC gained considerable attention from outside the scientific community and its progress is followed by most popoular science media. It is also sparked the imaginations of authors of works of fiction such as novels, tv serials and video games...

കറുപ്പും വെളുപ്പും

ചിത്രങ്ങള്‍ ആയിരമായിരുന്നു.....
സംയോജനത്തിന്റെ ബാഹ്യരൂപങ്ങളായി
മനസ്സിലെക്കുയര്‍ത്തിയ വാര്‍ത്തകള്‍ ആയിരുന്നു  ..
സ്വപ്നവും, കാമവും, ദീനവും, ദൈന്യവും
ശരങ്ങലായെത്തിയ മുറിവുകളായിരുന്നു....
കണ്ണും കരളും പിടഞ്ഞു പിടഞ്ഞു ..
വെളിച്ചത്തില്‍ നിന്നും ഇരുട്ടിലേക്കും ,
ഇരുട്ടിലൂടെ തുഴന്ജ് വെളിച്ചത്തിലേക്കും..
 ആര്‍ത്തു  ചിരിച്ചു കണ്ണുപൊത്തി ,യാഥാര്‍ത്യത്തിലേക്കും ...
 കറുത്തും........ വെളുത്തും ......
[IFFK -എന്‍റെ തീവ്ര സിനിമാനുഭവങ്ങള്‍ .. .]

Dec 22, 2009


I'm starting to miss the whole movie watching week... And I'm not even half as religious towards movie-watching as my friend Binu is (no sarcasm). But IFFK was fun. 
I couldn't stay beyond 5 any of the days but all that I saw was good. 

One thing i liked about the whole organizing part was the auto-rickshaw system. That was a good idea making half the travel convenient, and most of the times I ended up sharing the auto with new people. 

I've been writing a few reviews of the movies we saw at the IFFK. It's tiresome to recollect everything after watching so many... 
They'll gradually come however..
Do visit my blog to read a couple that I've put up already..


Dec 21, 2009


(Drivers rights VS Passengers rights)

A spokesman of the Kerala State Motor Workers Coordination Committee last day said there would be a strike from December 21st if the government did not announce the “promised” increase in fares. This statement seems good to read, and all will think how well the auto drivers in Trivandrum waiting patiently for so many days. As a daily traveller in auto rickshaw I know that many of the auto drivers in Trivandrum take more money from the passengers. As the coordination committee have the right to declare strike, where they are after the demands are met. Is there any auto drivers committee to teach them how to behave properly? I’m sure most of the persons who have used auto rickshaw in Trivandrum will have complaint of the drivers. I have not yet seen any of the drivers taking correct meter fare yet. When asked for a trip some will ask all the detail and is not ready for the trip. All can watch the auto drivers show off at central station road or thampanoor bus stand, before starting the trip they will fix up the fare without the meter.

Once when I had a talk with an auto driver they all came as gang, and teased me, I know what all things have to be done with the driver, but my time is more valuable than him, so I left him. The Trivandrum City Police is always telling of giving complaint for who all ask more that the meter fare , and who all behaves badly. Yes that’s good, but let me ask where do people have time to complaint for one or two rupees, and why do we have to waste our day without going to class or office.

Hope everyone will remember, some months back a Judicial Magistrate of Trivandrum court, had a bad experience with an auto driver at Pettah railway station, this was reported by all news papers.

Anyway let the auto drivers strike and win their goal, but do collect the correct fare, and behave neatly to passengers after that.


Children- we should never forget that they are the future of mankind. They have to look after for a better tomorrow. Children have been exposed to every form of violence - , war victims, rape, killings, beatings, prostitution. War has taken on new, more horrifying character to an increasing extent; children’s are becoming directly involved in wars as a shield. I have read that children and women are placed in front to protect the extremists from police &gun shots. Even in our country it’s seen that children’s are placed for job, when placing children’s for job the entrepreneur can save lots of money than placing a grown up person. Child prostitution is also becoming increasing in our country. When incidents of child brutality come as news it will be covered by the culprit with his so called man power or political connections. The news media has much and more to do against the brutality of childrenin India. A combination of fear and poverty drives some parents to hand their children over to child labour, or illegal activities. There are also children who just become soldiers to survive.

Why can’t we spare the children from all these. The leaders and groups take care of their own children, and simply show off and talk more to get attention in the crowd. All children who die in the war zone are not killed for their own reason, but they are killed for some of the reasons of their leaders who want to conquer the world, but they don’t know that their world will never stand without a good new generation of children. When ones own child starves for food or get killed then they will know the pain.